How did I get my way into Martial Arts?

(Warning! English is not my first language and if I will use my native tongue in writing, you will not going to read this).

Well, we all have reasons why we get into something. We get hook into something that makes us feel good like people who are addicted into illegal drugs for example, they get hook into it because their body releases what we call “happy hormones” or sometimes cited as “feel good” hormones. (Do I need to say as to where I have heard or read these? You might wanna check google :-P).

I am quite deviating from the topic now. So here we go, talking about drugs, yes, I have been there. I was with a person whom I thought would give me happiness that would do be my partner. But, our relationship was nothing but mere fantasy as it only circled around sex and drugs. When we parted ways, you can hear people around, “that guy does not look healthy at all” (there are physical changes when you are into drugs as we all know, which I suffered much). That hostile break up and realization, that if someone loves you, he or she will not get you into something that is not safe, gave me motivation to be “BETTER” so first thought of course, is going to a gym but then, I was kinda thinking that time that, yeah you will get good physique, healthy enough, but what is beyond having a good physique and being healthy? Well, it is being able to protect yourself from harm.

There are so many blogs, sites, or anything you can find using internet about martial arts (surely I am not a pro) but, this blog will be different as because, I want to be true, without inhibitions, and just talk about anything that is connected to martial arts. So have fun reading my future posts.

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