Training in Thailand: It’s not cuddling!!

Linguist Monk

Clinching is something I have seen in muay thai fights and has always seem to me as a form of neck wrestling with brutal knees and elbows thrown in for good measure.

My only experience of it was in MMA but MMA clinching is geared more towards getting the takedown than destroying your opponent with knees and elbows.

My first clinching session was a bit shock. I remember seeing a video which talked about getting control of your opponent’s neck with both hands and throw some knees.With this and the limited MMA clinch experience I had, I jumped in the ring without a care in the world.

When the bell sounded, I charged towards my opponent, reached for his neck and tried to land a knee. I was flat on my ass before I knew. I got up only to be thrown back down almost immediately.
I didn’t have a…

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