So you want to be Fit, Eh?

Myth: If you are fit you are healthy.

Fact: When you are fit it does not necessarily mean that you are healthy. Have you checked if you are getting enough macronutrients and micronutrients from your diet? Check what you are eating and to learn more, you may check this site: . Not because you look fit does not mean you are healthy bruh.

Myth: If you are fit, you are flexible.

Fact: I guess this is no brainer. Flexibility comes from a specific training. In BJJ, you are being trained to be flexible as you have to do some rolls and with wrestling as well and I know some people who looks fit yet they cannot even reach their foot while they are standing.

Myth: People who look bulky are strong.

Fact: Who said? I know some who are steroid users and not because you look fit, you are strong.

To be strong:

  1. Do Strength Training. Since I strongly believed that this should not be costly, have time to read more about strength training and there are so many exercises that you can do that does not require you gym membership.
  2. Get Enough Rest. 8 hours sleep a day is advisable and it is science. No need to provide further details about this because I am sure that you have heard or read a lot about benefits of having enough sleep.
  3. Eat Real Foods. Get away from food that contains high cholesterol and those foods that contain bad fats. (You can read more about good and bad fats here:
  4. Have a Positive Outlook. You know the old saying that what your mind can conceive, the body can achieve? Or have you heard about “Law of Attraction”?

Want to learn more about strength training, I highly recommend this site which I am not affiliated with: Muay Thai Pros

As much as I wanted to add more to this myth and fact thingy and add more information, I cannot think of any other as of this moment. By the way, I found a gym near my place, walking distance from my apartment that would only cost Php 650.00 ($13.94) per month for unlimited visit. Will be posting a review soon…


Budget Fitness: Achieving Fitness Goal without Getting Your Wallet into Trouble

Again, English is not my native language so, pardon me. Okay, let me start… when I thought that you can’t be fit and healthy if you haven’t got enough money for your expenses, I WAS REALLY WRONG. When I was starting my way into fitness, I am always finding myself broke before even reaching the next pay day. Why? Should I blame commercialism and consumerism?

Here are the mistakes that I made:

  1. Choosing a local gym. I thought that the more expensive the gym is, the more it gives room to fitness as they have facilities and enough equipments that I thought will helped me reach my goal. Well, being a residence of the biggest city in the capital region (Quezon City) proved me wrong. Based on observation, everything goes back to basic: proper diet and exercise. You can choose a local gym where you can work out, or never at all. Why? Have you heard about some exercise techniques wherein you use your own weight? There’s a lot! Use google or you may try these:
  1. Supplements. A made a big mistake about taking supplements. Okay, I purchased whey protein and tried two different brands but it seems that they are not effective for me as they did not work. So I made some online researches about taking protein powders and boom! If you have read my previous post about milk, then you know that there are people who are having dialysis because of taking supplements.
  1. Proper Diet. (Blame my television on this so I shut my cable off). Okay, there are so many commercials for example this brand of tuna in can who made people believed that if you will eat the said tuna brand, you will achieve good physique. Hell no! I saw some models of that TV Commercials working out! (Rage Mode On!). You want to achieve your fitness goals? START EATING REAL FOODS AND NOT THOSE CANNED FOODS. Start reading some articles on how to cook real foods that are nutritious and not full of preservatives. (Though the label shows: “NO PRESERVATIVES”, that is a lie).

What form of writing I am doing? As if I am just putting everything that is coming out of my mind? Well, anyway, here are the changes I made:

  • Yes, I have my regular Muay Thai and BJJ training but when it comes to working out, I stick to jogging or walking outdoors and doing bodyweight training outdoors. It is not just saving money but you are having fun and most of all, you are breathing fresh air and not contained inside a gym of people producing CO2 as they are doing their work out. (Stay away from diesel fumes though).
  • I addressed my issue about proper diet by eating real foods and not taking supplements at all. Only real foods.

Holla! In two months from 172 pounds to 158 lbs with 19% body fats which means I have more way to go but at least, I am trying to reach my goals without getting my wallet into trouble. Here is a good read about achieving a fitness goal (ignore the promotions though):

Am I really making sense with whatever I am posting? Feel free to leave some comments and feedback. I am not a pro but at least not an obese coach potato. 😉