Stress Management While on a Tight Budget


The meme above will make someone feel stress already. Chill! There are so many ways to cope with stress while you are broke. Lol! You may feel that there is nothing that you can do to get away with it but there are so many ways.

  1. Be Physically Active. Regular exercise can increase your resistance to stress. (There is scientific explanation to this but I am lazy enough to make some research about it but I know regular exercise can help). You do not have to go to a gym to do so. Why not try jogging, walking your dog, do yoga, just keep going and breathing.
  2. Accept the Things that you can’t Change.
  3. Have a Positive Attitude. Learn to always see the brighter side of each thing that comes your way.
  4. Avoid Unnecessary Stress. (like traffic jams. Yeah you will be late but can you change that? Do not argue to your boss if you will be in trouble. If he/she can’t accept your explanation, let it be. Just breathe).
  5. Meditate.

In addition to the above mentioned ways. Please take time to read this article I have found: or you may also like to see these:

I am not affiliated to anyone or whoever wrote those articles. I just thought that they are helpful. Have fun!!! Life is too short to make it stressful!


Pact: We’re not Family but Feels like they are Family

In selecting a training center, Dojo, martial arts school or whatever they are called, isn’t it nice to be in a center that feels like home? What I am trying to say is, the relationship does not circle just around paying a certain amount for each session or membership, training, and going home. Maybe, it is a matter of how we deal with people or how we get along with others. But, will you be comfortable when you came in at a training center and you are forced to kiss asses? I mean hierarchy dude. Yeah, there should be respect but respect is not being imposed, but you will respect someone who knows how to respect your own well-being. Am I making any sense?

I started learning karate as a kid as there was a mentor who are teaching kids some karate stuff (I forgot his name though) maybe that mentor did not make such an impact. Then, if you have read my first post about how I stopped using drugs as martial art has been my salvation from it. I wanted to thank my very first kick boxing coach RC “Ceng Cey” Mercado, founder of Topdog Fitness for introducing me into this beautiful and awesome sport. (You can find the Facebook page here:


Now, I am enjoying my martial arts training (Muay Thai and BJJ) at NewBlood MMA located at Pearl Drive, Fairview, Quezon City. Here are some photos:



They always make me feel like I am a brother and I am one of them. (I am not paid with my membership yet so I am paying walk in fee of Php 200.00 every session but it is really worth it). I also love our boodle fights and food tripping sometimes.

Budget Fitness: Achieving Fitness Goal without Getting Your Wallet into Trouble

Again, English is not my native language so, pardon me. Okay, let me start… when I thought that you can’t be fit and healthy if you haven’t got enough money for your expenses, I WAS REALLY WRONG. When I was starting my way into fitness, I am always finding myself broke before even reaching the next pay day. Why? Should I blame commercialism and consumerism?

Here are the mistakes that I made:

  1. Choosing a local gym. I thought that the more expensive the gym is, the more it gives room to fitness as they have facilities and enough equipments that I thought will helped me reach my goal. Well, being a residence of the biggest city in the capital region (Quezon City) proved me wrong. Based on observation, everything goes back to basic: proper diet and exercise. You can choose a local gym where you can work out, or never at all. Why? Have you heard about some exercise techniques wherein you use your own weight? There’s a lot! Use google or you may try these:
  1. Supplements. A made a big mistake about taking supplements. Okay, I purchased whey protein and tried two different brands but it seems that they are not effective for me as they did not work. So I made some online researches about taking protein powders and boom! If you have read my previous post about milk, then you know that there are people who are having dialysis because of taking supplements.
  1. Proper Diet. (Blame my television on this so I shut my cable off). Okay, there are so many commercials for example this brand of tuna in can who made people believed that if you will eat the said tuna brand, you will achieve good physique. Hell no! I saw some models of that TV Commercials working out! (Rage Mode On!). You want to achieve your fitness goals? START EATING REAL FOODS AND NOT THOSE CANNED FOODS. Start reading some articles on how to cook real foods that are nutritious and not full of preservatives. (Though the label shows: “NO PRESERVATIVES”, that is a lie).

What form of writing I am doing? As if I am just putting everything that is coming out of my mind? Well, anyway, here are the changes I made:

  • Yes, I have my regular Muay Thai and BJJ training but when it comes to working out, I stick to jogging or walking outdoors and doing bodyweight training outdoors. It is not just saving money but you are having fun and most of all, you are breathing fresh air and not contained inside a gym of people producing CO2 as they are doing their work out. (Stay away from diesel fumes though).
  • I addressed my issue about proper diet by eating real foods and not taking supplements at all. Only real foods.

Holla! In two months from 172 pounds to 158 lbs with 19% body fats which means I have more way to go but at least, I am trying to reach my goals without getting my wallet into trouble. Here is a good read about achieving a fitness goal (ignore the promotions though):

Am I really making sense with whatever I am posting? Feel free to leave some comments and feedback. I am not a pro but at least not an obese coach potato. 😉