The Mind Thing

As a fitness enthusiast and well I may add that I took up BS Psychology though was not able to finish my study, I am thinking that having a body that looks healthy will never be enough. Having a healthy mind correlates with having a healthy body. Why did I say so?

In every sport, it would require you to think clearly, of course and without a healthy mind, can you think clearly? Having a healthy mind is a wide subject to talk about I know as it is hard to distinguish having a healthy mind when we have clutters within us that are stopping us from thinking clearly. Having a healthy mind in my own opinion is connected to what attitude, on how we adapt to distractions. Again, this subject is too wide as there are many aspects that we need to consider like psychological tests and stuff like that. Okay then, let me simplify this by, finding ways how we can think clearly. How can we think clearly? By training our brain which we can find the full article about it here:

In my own personal experience, meditation plays a very important role after every exercise. It looks odd I know sitting inside the gym or outdoor after every exercise routine that I do but, I do not mind as it is for my wellness, my goal: a healthy mind and a healthy body.


Stress Management While on a Tight Budget


The meme above will make someone feel stress already. Chill! There are so many ways to cope with stress while you are broke. Lol! You may feel that there is nothing that you can do to get away with it but there are so many ways.

  1. Be Physically Active. Regular exercise can increase your resistance to stress. (There is scientific explanation to this but I am lazy enough to make some research about it but I know regular exercise can help). You do not have to go to a gym to do so. Why not try jogging, walking your dog, do yoga, just keep going and breathing.
  2. Accept the Things that you can’t Change.
  3. Have a Positive Attitude. Learn to always see the brighter side of each thing that comes your way.
  4. Avoid Unnecessary Stress. (like traffic jams. Yeah you will be late but can you change that? Do not argue to your boss if you will be in trouble. If he/she can’t accept your explanation, let it be. Just breathe).
  5. Meditate.

In addition to the above mentioned ways. Please take time to read this article I have found: or you may also like to see these:

I am not affiliated to anyone or whoever wrote those articles. I just thought that they are helpful. Have fun!!! Life is too short to make it stressful!